Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

Make a PlanGoals and Aims  are vital to both coach and athlete.

For you, the rider, it sets a target, a light at the end of what can be a very long tunnel of training, hurt, hardship and sacrifice!  Getting up every cold, dark morning and going to bed tired with your goals in the forefront of your mind serves as a brilliant motivational tool. Your goals are what will drive you to do that last rep, get out when it’s wet and not eat that fifth chocolate muffin (Kalvin) 🙂 Without a goal, training can seem pointless and morale can drop.

For the coach, it sets up a physical end-state to strive for.  A physiological plan can be constructed based on the demands of the target event(s).  Periodisation can be put in place and all of your other lifestyle constraints and commitments can be considered.  Without the goals, the training you do could be pointless or indifferent to what you actually want to improve upon! Without goals, there can be no specificity!


I will help and guide you to decide on your target events and physiological aims.  I will be a sounding board to bounce ideas off and I will be the yardstick to ensure you maintain an element of reality!  I will help you to balance every aspect that should be considered, and then I will formulate your program so it is wholly achievable within your lifestyle constraints and other commitments.

I will do this as part of the full program of coaching, or I can do it as a one off activity. Contact me to discuss your SMART Goals and let me help you to realise them!

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