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Performance Bike Fit

What!  No lazers? No Jigs?  No Video?

This is not just a bike fit.  It’s a PERFORMANCE bike fit!  What does that mean?

Other bike fits often aim to get you looking and feeling right on the bike.  They use a multitude of jigs, video, lazers, power meters, sensors and biometric measuring devices, all of which might be useful for you.  With most, you get the ‘salon treatment’ and pay accordingly!

In comparison, I provide the ‘barber shop’ solution.  You still get the hair cut you asked for, but without the lattes, manicure, posh magazines and people sucking up to you in order to give you that ‘value for money’ perception.  You also get it in a quarter of the time!

First, I analyse your bike and your current position on the bike in order to identify any potential discrepancies.  I’ll also be asking about your medical history and any ailments you have, or continually suffer from.

I’ll observe and analyse your pedalling technique and advise on correct practice based on fundamental physiological and bio-mechanical principles to increase your efficiency and output.  This will inevitably require a saddle height adjustment!

I’ll recommend alterations to your bike, cleats positioning, equipment used and whatever else might be compromising your efficiency and performance, noting that a proper bike fit will not magically cure everything, and neither will it gain you 50 watts overnight!

There are many other, much more important, things to consider if you are having positional difficulties, injuries, overuse niggles or aching body parts!  I will also advise on these and suggest remediation or treatment strategies.

There will be a responsibility on you to carefully adopt the suggestions, implement the recommendations for pedalling action changes and other physical improvements and to remain patient while the body adapts.

I do this as a stand alone service for £85 (or AU and US $150) and it takes around two hours in total, sometimes more – an hour of static work to check the bike and you, and then we go and ride for a period of time, depending on how long we both have, then some further adjusting, as is required.

Contact me to book it in.

Get efficient and utilise the major muscle groups you’re not engaging at present, and stop losing this vast potential to improve!

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