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Power Data Analysis

I use the WKO+ software from Training Peaks to analyse your data.  I have been using this for over 12 years, so know it well.

But receiving your data isn’t the full story.  Knowing the numbers is only one aspect of performance.  There is also the ‘human interaction’, which is just as important!

Your feedback shapes the data and provides context to the session.

The route you took can be observed first hand (if I ride with you) or via Strava.

How you rode is also important, especially in races.

Communication is vital.  Fail here and it’s unlikely the coaching will work for you.

Every file you send is analysed and considered as specific and holistic parts of the plan.

As part of the full program of coaching, every file will be analysed.

If you are already coached, or self coached, and just want a single file, or batch of files analysed, please get in contact with me to work out what your requirements are, what information you are seeking to glean from the data and a price!

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