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Nutritional Analysis

You are what you eat!  Right?

What you eat – your nutritional intake – your diet – your eating regime – can positively and negatively affect your ability to train, sleep, function and perform to expectation.

We all lead busy lives, eating ‘on the fly’ sometimes, with many different options available, and not all of them good!

I use a common sense approach to analyse your eating regime and nutritional intake.

I advise on food groups, combination eating, intolerance management and the alternative foods you can eat instead, effectiveness of ‘fad’ type diets, current ‘trendy’ diets and those that are dangerous or irresponsible for someone who expects to train and not break down ill!

Like training, there are many core examples of things that will work for everyone, but individually, and specifically, some may not work for YOU.

As part of the coaching program, I will analyse and advise on your nutritional intake and suggest practical ways to improve your diet.

I can also do this as a ‘stand alone’ activity for a fee of £75.00 (or AU and US $125)

Contact me so I can get you on the path to a better and brighter you with more energy and less lethargy!

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