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Plyometric Program

Plyometrics – What is it?

A combination of controlled eccentric and concentric muscle contractions designed to increase muscular power and coordination (proprioception) between the brain (neurological signals) and the muscle groups involved in the activity.

This functional program is designed, tested and proven to work for you as a cyclist!

Plyometrics is included as part of the full coaching program, however when it is used will be determined by Gary after all of your circumstances and athletic history have been considered.  Is is normally employed during a period of ‘build’ when there is less emphasis on ‘on bike’ training and more on all round body and core conditioning, in preparation for commencing, or re-commencing training proper.

Plyometrics can be delivered as a stand alone program over any period of time.  Please contact Gary to discuss your requirements and to see if this is what you need to do, or whether it is some other aspect that first requires remediation.

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