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Subscribe to the Certa Cito Core Program to improve your form, function and efficiency.Core Muscle Structure

Increased specific core strength prevents lower limb injury and maintains correct alignment of the hip and pelvic areas.

The main point to building and maintaining a strong core for cycling is to stabilise the pelvis.  This in turn leads to reduced upper body movement and a more efficient transfer of force from the large power generating muscle groups (quads and gluteals) to the pedals.

Symptoms of a weak core include (but may not be limited to):

  +  lower back aches and pains during riding (especially harder efforts);
  +  lumbar spine joint dysfunction (which can lead to the onset of fatigue and cramps)
  +  cramps in the hip flexors and hamstrings;
  +  tight hamstrings;
  +  excessive movement of the upper body on the bike (poor form can also lead to fatigue);
  +  weak bladder due to poor pelvic floor muscle strength (wee patches on front of bib shorts!);
  +  inward rolling of the knees (poor pedalling technique);
  +  knee pain;
  +  reduced ability to climb out of the saddle; and
  +  consistent lower limb injuries or problems.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above, let me prescribe you a proven program that will assist you.

This is included in the full coaching program.  If you want it without coaching, it is recommended that you also undertake a functional bike fit and pedalling assessment session.

Contact Gary to arrange an appointment.

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