I carefully partner with great companies and products run by people I know and trust, so from the companies and people listed on this page, you can be sure that they will be top notch. You have my personal assurance of that.

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Cycling Holiday Spain

CHS is run by Nozad Nawras, a British chap who is set up permanently near Alicante. I do the programmes for his camps, for groups and the individuals who go there, as required. His facilities are awesome and he runs his camps like a Pro team does, with vehicle support and everything covered after you have paid the fee for the week – food, drink, recovery products, gels, the works!


www.cyclepowermeters.comCycle Power Meters is run by Robert Tobin, and his company were the pioneers of power meter rental from way back, before power meters were established as training tools proper. They also sell a wide variety of brands at very keen prices, and like with most things, you get what you pay for, and the service from Bob and his team is second to none!


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