Pedr Harvey

Pedr Harvey won the GC, Sprint Jersey and KOM crown in the 2014 Battle on the Border.  He was exceptionally kind in compiling the following as an endorsement of my cycle coaching and consultancy services.  Thanks Pedr, much more to come from you 🙂

And what he fails to mention is that he and wife Bernie have a young child (Hamish) on the scene, just to further complicate things!

From Pedr:

  • Cadel wins the tour, so I bought a bike.
  • I do coffee rides and race around the UNI circuit (Toowoomba) on Saturday mornings like it’s for sheep stations….
  • I talk to Gary on a coffee ride and caught up at the coffee shop afterwards, where he suggested he should coach me.
  • This was at the same time I was considering getting a racing licence.
  • Asked an older local rider about Gary …..“will he make me ride faster”….”without a doubt”


Some advice/feedback given:

Pedr coaching feedback 1

Feedback and Communication are essential:

Pedr coaching feedback 2

2013 Battle on the Border (Masters C Results)

  • Stage one 12th (lost 1:30 +/-)
  • Stage two 12th +/- (TT)
  • Crit (mid pack, after crashing mid race)
  • Stage four 17th
  • 12th GC


Pre 2014 Battle of the Border 

  • Moved up to A grade at a club level March 2014.
  • Still hadn’t won a race at a club or open level (12th @ open and 2nd @ club)


4 Months of Battle training

Pedr Battle Training Commences


Stage 1 – 1st on KOM and stage win, 45 of the 90 entrants finish in the front group.  Hold all three jerseys. Pedr Battle winning stage 1 picture Pedr Mas C Stage 1 Result Pedr Battle win Facebook Analysis text

Stage 2 – 3rd in TT & lose the GC by one second.

Pedr Mas C Stage 2 Result Pedr Battle TT picture

Stage 3  – Stage win, ride 2nd wheel the entire race. Keep all three Jerseys at that night’s presentations and take GC lead by 13 seconds. 

Pedr Mas C Stage 3 Result Pedr Battle winning stage 3 picture

Stage 4 – protect three jerseys, 3rd x 2 in inter sprints, 1st x 2 in KOM’s & 2nd in the stage. Pedr Battle second in stage 4 picture Pedr Mas C Stage 4 Result                    

Prizes – 3 GC Jersey’s, 3 Sprint Jersey’s, 2 KOM Jersey’s 8 medals, $750 in cash, three pumps, a multi tool, two mugs & 3 entries into next years race!

Pedr Battle jersey collection Pedr Battle medal haul                        












Overall Results

 Pedr Battle GC result   Pedr Battle Sprint and KOM result                        













YOU can aspire to improve like this too.  Get in touch with me, Gary Kristense MBE, via the Contact Me link on the menu 🙂

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