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Cost & What you Get

Full Service Power Based Coaching

How much?

$225.00 a month in Australia

£150.00 a month in the UK

Pro rata for people from other countries. Please ask and we will work it out!

This is what you get INCLUDED in the full service coaching program:

+  Full individually planned and designed power based program towards your specific aims;

+  As many program amendments as it takes to keep the program aligned to your changing circumstances;

+  Communication ‘as required’ with no pre-set schedule or number of times you can contact me per week / month;

+  Power Assessment Program;

+  Full file data and feedback analysis as required;

+  Goal planning and target setting advice and analysis;

+  Diet and nutritional intake analysis and advice;

+  Core program;

+  Plyometrics program;

+  Psychological and motivational program;

+  Racing plan / tactical advice;

+  Lifestyle advice / coaching;

+  A black or white answer, whether you are going to like what you hear or not;

+  Honesty, integrity, personality, good humour and humility (sometimes) :-);

+  Advice and opinion across the whole spectrum of everything cycling!  From equipment to riding in Continental Europe, nothing is off limits!


I’m unafraid to admit that others may know more, or have greater experience than me, or have access to more specialised equipment, when it comes to certain elements of the whole coaching program.  I am not threatened by others’ great knowledge and experience, because for me, it is another way to learn and gain knowledge.  Never stand still!

This is what you will pay extra for, if it is deemed necessary to refer you:

+  US$120.00  Purchase of WKO+ software from Training Peaks (not from me!);

+  $150.00 / £95  Skills, handling, cornering & descending techniques.  Delivered in an easy to understand, implement and practice way.  I personally GUARANTEE you your money back if you come away from this having not found value in it!  The single best investment you will probably make in your bike stuff buying escapades EVER!

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