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Power Assessment

Training in the Correct Power Ranges?

How do you know? Do you want to know?

There are a few ways to establish these:

1. Do a power assessment program under me (3 weeks give or take a few days) and you’ll have all your wattage ranges plus you’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses, where progress might easily be made, type of rider you are at present, your absolute potential (in terms of MAP), current capabilities and I’ll educate you to boot. £100 (or AU and US $190) and you’ll require your own power meter.

2. Send me your recent power data files. This may not be an accurate method, as your data is only as good as the quality and type of training you’ve done, so if it’s all been recovery and doodling (#SEQLDPRO riding), then I’ll be hard pushed to give you anything accurate in the way of meaningful training ranges!

3. Do ‘spot’ testing. I don’t favour this approach as it only gives a snapshot of your performance on that given day at that given time, and there are many factors that can produce data that is not reflective of your ability. Plus, most spot tests are done on static bikes, so it is often not properly representative of the feel you get on the roads. It can be described as ‘clinical data’ but in my experience, people generally under perform during spot testing on static machines, so the outcomes are flawed.

Contact me if you want to know and understand your power training ranges, and let’s get you training efficiently!

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