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Descending, Handling & Cornering Skills

Go Faster for no more (physical) effort!!

Why should I bother with this, I hear you ask!  You’ve been riding a bike for years, what can anyone teach you about ‘on bike’ skills?

You’ll be surprised what you don’t know, and living in blissful ignorance is NOT going to help you improve!

Learn to descend faster, take corners more quickly, waste less energy and generally improve on your all round bike technique, handling and skills.

This adds up to major physical and psychological advantages in races, particularly those with more technical aspects.

This is one of only a few sessions that I outsource and you pay extra for.  That is because the chap who delivers it is absolutely the best at it, very knowledgeable, able to pitch it at many levels and can demonstrate it completely.

It can be one on one or in a small group.  There are advantages to both scenarios.

What could be better than you and your team finding out exactly what your strengths and weakness are on the bike on technical and demanding terrain?  Guaranteed learning and improving!

I am so confident that you will be satisfied with gaining ‘value for money’ from this service that I offer a money back guarantee.  I will pay you back the full fee if you are not happy with what you have taken away, or it is your perception that the course has done nothing for you to improve you.


One to one session – around half a day’s worth – $150 Australia / £95 UK

Group sessions – get in touch with Gary.  Discounts available for groups of up to 10 people.

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