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Don’t Tell Me “It’s Too Hard”

Don’t Tell Me “It’s Too Hard”

MOTIVATION is sometimes hard to come by, which is why we set aims, periodise the training, calculate the training stress and fatigue and ensure enough recovery is built into a well structured, varied, progressive and smart training program based on power.

Don't tell me it's too hard


Photo courtesy of a good friend – Dennis Sackett of www.dgs-cyclingphotos.org

If you don’t have a coach to put all of this into place, within your lifestyle constraints and in harmony and balance with what you like doing and what is best for you to do, then you should be doing it yourself. There’s a variety of sources and resources you can tap into, but if you just don’t have the time or inclination, engaging a coach who will ‘click’ with you, and more importantly, understand you, will be time and money well spent as you pursue maximum performance from yourself.


Give me a shout if you want help with this. Discreet and professional service wherever you are.

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