Brisbane Blast Thoughts…!

Brisbane Blast Thoughts…!

OK, BLAST report for Masters A. Travelled down the range with Matthew Locker with the usual thoughts of how my numbers from training would stack up against the A grade field in Brisbane. I’m always confident about how I can handle myself in a race, but it’s how my level of condition compares that makes me think.

Rolled out and the Hincapie Team boys rocked it from the start with some big power efforts. I knew they’d have a plan like that as I know the three of them and they are advised by the evergreen Chris (The Horse) Prior, who is a smart trainer and racer! They were rewarded with Chris taking the prime at half duration.

My legs felt absolutely awesome the whole race. I never struggled to close gaps and made use of this by allowing a gap to open in front of me leading to corners, going through full gas, no brakes and then jumping the gap to leave a bigger gap behind, hoping it was having an effect. I was spinning easy and the hill was no problem whatsoever, so the longer the race went on, the better I was feeling about a result!

Gary K leading the peloton through the last corner on the course at the Brisbane Blast Dec '13Saw the 3 laps to go board and was perfectly placed in the top 10, holding wheels easily and sheltering where it was needed. Bearing in mind I had done no work and made no efforts at this stage, the hope was that the teams got themselves organised and keep the pace really high to stop surging! NEVER expect what you want to happen to happen though!

Bell lap and I crossed the line on the wheel of two strong guys I know from QSM (Tony Wood leading out Paddy Weinrauch) so knew I had a reasonable chance of them taking me to the top of the hill, where my plan was to jump at full gas along the top section so I could hit the descent at top speed and then try and hang on round the two bottom corners!

THEN……..both of them swung over having (seemingly) given up the ghost halfway up the hill! At this point I should have jumped by myself and taken a gamble, but hesitated and a hoard of others swamped me before the top bend, coming past 4-5km/h faster and effectively killing any chance I had of being top 5 down the hill!

Game over, as you don’t catch that back up in the last lap on a downhill section with quality riders looking for results!

I lost any chance of a position by being lazy, hesitant and lacking that bit of self belief that gives you the edge when the pressure is on and decisive riding is required.

All of you – learn from my mistakes please, as I try to learn from yours!

Weather was nice mind you 

And, there’s always a next time!

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